About Our Transportation Services in Branch County, Michigan

BATA | Passengers on the Bus | Coldwater, MI
BATA | Children on a Bus | Coldwater, MI
At Branch Area Transit Authority, we are proud to offer timely, reasonably priced transit to people throughout Branch County from our headquarters in Coldwater, Michigan. We specialize in services for seniors and students.

How We Started

In 1984, members of the community got together to discuss the need for a county-run transit system. Later in the 80s, the state offered to provide funds so that the county-run systems could join together and create a more coordinated system.

BATA is proud to provide curb-to-curb transportation for special occasions and general transport needs. We are handicap-accessible, and offer weekly subscriptions and half fares for seniors, children, and handicapped persons.

Dedicated to Your Needs

With 13 buses in our fleet, you are sure to enjoy a reliable, well-maintained, and comfortable ride that gets you to your destination on time. All of our vehicles are air conditioned and heated, and our friendly drivers are responsible and highly qualified. Every employee's driving record is on file with the state and we do full background checks and random drug and alcohol testing every quarter.
BATA | Sideview of BATA Bus | Coldwater, MI
BATA | Front of BATA Bus | Coldwater, MI
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